Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Real Biggest Loser: DIETS                                       
Through the last several years I have been discovering a whole new approach to wellness and nutrition. This has led to me getting back in control of my life, my eating, and exercise decisions, and no it isn't a Diet, or a Program. Its a lifestyle change, an awareness, that everyone can enjoy with just a little thought and planning! Here is what I have learned:

Learning how to FEED your body is the key to long term weight loss, not learning how to Starve it!
Here is a more visual example: "Dieting is like going under water and holding your breath. Eventually you will have to come up.  That is how dieting can be...holding your breath underwater, you eventually have to come up and when you do you gasp for air and inhale all you can, so to speak!"
Did you know? Over 50 million americans begin a new weight loss diet each and every year? And even more alarming is ...47.5 million of those same Americans regain all or more of the weight they lost during dieting.

The majority of Diets deprive your body of vital nutrients that they body needs to thrive and enjoy good health. Many diets result in dieters having low energy, and sometimes so low they can not stick to an excersise program! Some diets even suggest no excersise during 
Nutritional deficiences can also cause our immune system to be supressed leading to more illness and disease. Aging skin, headaches, anxiety, depression all have been scientifially linked to improper nutrition that millions of dieters experience.
 Fad Diets especially often lead to water and muscle mass loss, and not fat loss which really is what we need to get rid of!  Losing muscle means losing strength, and abiltity! Diets are a multi billion dollar a year business so they are reaching us from every angle, which in turnis covering up the fact we all need to wake up and see there must be another way for lifetime results!
AND THERE IS! It is called "Lifestyle Changes!" Eating for LIFE!!!
My First KEYS were busting the LIES
LIE #1:  To be healthy you just have to stop eating bad foods
TRUTH: Your health is enchanced by eating the RIGHT foods!
LIE#2: Foods that are good for you don't taste good
Truth: Good Food can be so nutritious and delilicious that the "bad" foods  in comparison look, and taste bad now!
Lie #3 Eating right takes too much time
Truth: You can create time by eating right!

Thre are 1,440 minutes in each and every day, same for you, same for me. We can spend our time, or invest our time!  When you invest your time you produce a greater result that when you spend your time, and guess what? you create a return: You create time!

Investing time in eating right, and nourishing your body allows you to enjoy your wholesome, energy giving, healthy lifestyle. You are essentially Eating for your lifestyle. Eating for Lifestyle allows you to have time to enjoy your life because you are healthy, have energy and stamina to try new things, spend time with those you love and live longer!

1)  Right time What works best for me seems to be best for pretty much everyone, and it is eat often. 6 times a day is what research says is best.  It makes our metobolism work all day, helping burn fat, create energy and stamina, and research shows that eating 6 times a day helps not only burn fat , but maintain lean muscle mass. Muscle burns calories , fat doesn't.
Example: eat 1 big huge meal= Glucose spikes up then crash. Causing you to be more hungry for your next meal, which inceases your chances of over eating.   Eating portion controlled mini meals helps curb hunger and cravings and also can help lover cortisol levels (stress hormmone that contributes to belly fat)When you eat every 3-4 hours you are working with your body instead of against it!

2) Right amounts A portion is pretty much the size of your hand. Portion protein in the size of your palm, good carbs as the size of your clenched fist, veggies in your cupped hand. Really thought,in veggies portions can expand depending on your appitite!  So when you are still hungry, Portions have leeway in the Veggie category! Go for it and help yourself to more Greens!

3) Right Foods (Lean proteins, Good Carbs (oats,brown rice, whole grains,apples,berries oranges) Essential Fats (Omega 6!) found in Salmon,fish oils,spinich,green leafy vegs), Vitamins and Minerals, and WATER! Water is a food group and the most important I think!
(Did you know that water covers 70 percent of earth and 70 percent of our bodies!)
We lose water every day, and drinks like caffinated and alcoholic beverages cause us to lose even more. If we lose about 10 cups of water a day (average), we should be drinking at least that much just to make up for what we lost! Makes sense to me!

4) Right Combinations: pair a searving of protein with carbs at your meals. Don't eat carbs alone, always pair with a protein and that simple combo alone calms cravings , helps build muscle and fuel it too ( Carbs can help shuttle the protien's amino acids into your cells!)
Oh, and always include a portion of veggies with your protein and carbs!
SO its really simple when you see the above as just How you live your life.  Changing the bad habits isn't too hard when you realize the change will create moer energy, longer life, and weightloss. No crazy diets to fail, no secrets to discover, its all at our fingertips and its all about a lifestyle that says  "I eat for life, what I eat shows in the lifestyle I now have!"
My little 3 year old said it best the other day when his daddy took him to a resturant that cooks their food  in grease. My son asked Daddy if they use grease. Daddy said "Yes, but just a little bit" To which son later told me- "Mommy we went to the resturant that uses grease. But just a little bit so I only was sick for a little but not a lot of bit."  Even he at 3 recogizes that unhealthy food choices lead to an unhealthy life!  When we eat poorly, irregularly, and consume preservative laden, unhealthy and processed fats and added indredient filled "foods" it shows in our life. Lack of energy, low metabilisim, weight gain,skin problems, sickness, disease are the results.
When we eat for life, eating raw, fresh foods, in the right combos, often throughout the day, adding water, vitamins and minerals by defualt, we FEEL good, and begin to LOOK good!
So raise your glass of water to HEALTH. and LIFE. Ill be here with you with a fresh tall pure glass of H20 to cheer along with you! =) CHEERS~!

Favorite Breakfasts
1 scoop choc whey protein power, 1/2 cup raspberries, ice, water blended
2 eggs, 1/4 avocado, lime and cilantro with 1/2 cup oatmeal and blueberries

Fave lunches:

2 sliced Ezekiel bread spread with light cream cheese, turkey, cranberries, and sprouts
Romaine Salad with 1/2 cup tuna or salmon, fresh basil, pepper, sunflower seeds and mandarin orange slices. Served with lime salted wholegrain chips

Fave Dinners
Chicken tortilla soup (chicken breast,chopped celery,tomatoes,cilantro,cabbage, garlic, onion, and brown rice)  served with fresh squeeze lime and sour cream
Beef, Bean, Veggie Lettuce wraps with cilantro and lime rice
Steak and Bell pepper/onion and pineapple skewers, and baked potato

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  1. I really think this over feeding our baby. It doesn't seem right that its not okay for her to eat something, yet I feed it to the rest of the family. She's making some good changes for us around here!!