Sunday, September 25, 2011

 My baby is turning 2! .
.. It is so bittersweet to admit my sweet baby is turning 2 this week. He has always moved fast from stage-to-stage from being a great sleeper as a newborn, to crawling at 4 months, walking at 9 mos, he has a big brother and he isn't going to get left behind!
Noah was born Sept. 29th 2009 after a non-epidural, 3.5 hours of pushing out his swollen and very stuck head. I don't think he wanted to come,and knowing him now, he probably wanted to do it "himself" as he is Mr. independent! 
"2" to me means he is becoming a real big boy. Though I will still call him my baby, he really isn't a baby and his vocabulary is that of a 3 year old to boot!
I get to move into a new realm of having a toddler and preschooler, both whom I am blessed to be able to help them learn in our home!
Noah "Doah" as his Big Brother nicknamed him on his first birthday eating his "lake" from his farm cake and kindly sharing with daddy all the blue goodness! 

My Sweet 1 year old
Grandpa Haddock and Noah Grandpa passed away just 1 month after after we  celebrated Noah's  1st birthday with him at his house. We miss him so much, and wish these pictures never had to end. He is with our Savior in Heaven and we know we will see him again! Miss you Grandpa Haddock!

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