Monday, August 20, 2012

Daddy and Youngest Getting ready to work

The Joy Of the Harvest

Harvest is here! Yesterday I brought in over 10 pounds of yummy produce from our cute little garden! Broccoli galore, Zucchini and Spaghetti Squash, Eggplant, and dozens of wonderful little yellow pear tomatoes and banana peppers.

My "Cute little garden" is producing more then I can eat, cook and bake with so I need to introduce myself to the fine preservation method of canning!
The Broccoli is easy, I can bag and freeze! But I don't want to waste a single tomatoes or pepper, after all we DID grow them to eat them, right?

Though this year I have no green beans, peas, lettuce, and limited herbs ( Just mint, lemon balm, chives, sage and basil) the good thing is I can teach myself how to CAN with just a couple things this year, and next year... well... it is ON!

 My wonderful ( and mind you hot!) Hubby will be transforming my garden into something more functional, and pleasing to the eye.  The funny thing about me, is my garden and all its over grown goodness is not disturbing to me, but it is therapeutic and relaxing to work in. This year I didn't cage any of my (18) tomato plants, so they look like a mini jungle. Its not totally practical but it works and though next year I will definitely be vining and caging many different things... this year its rather joyful. Our little ones get to search and discover ripe harvest ready for the picking, and though I left lots of room from all my different variety (5) of Squash, its beautifully paving its way in and out and over eachother so its a fun guessing game to see what is what as it grows!
Thank goodness for you-tube "how to" videos on canning, and the internet for breaking this down to be easy, and fuss less for new caners like myself. I see more equipment and hot days in the kitchen next summer!
I'm thankful for a garden and my precious husband and children that support my love for it and what it brings. All in all, the Harvest it brings is a sweet representation of Mommy hood. Sometimes we don't do it all right, and "cage in" the right things at the right moments. To others we may even look a bit "over done", and in need of some weeding. But with love (and water!) we will continue to grow and produce big beautiful blossoms, and a bounty of fruit and goodness!
<3 Annette