Saturday, January 29, 2011

on my mission...

Living in a Toxic World
Along with that is the "Cost" of "everything"  

-Foods that are quick and easy, processed and even 'unprocessed' are laden with chemicals, preservatives, detergents,pesticides, and more.

-Lead, Arsenic, heavy metals, pollutants fill the air we breath and the earth we walk and play on.

-Water is drowned with chlorine and fluoride, meat and dairy with hormones and medicines

-Vaccines are touted as a cure all, the only way to be safe and healthy, are truly killing the bodies natural immunity and ability to fight...inoculating children -and even in the first few years, slicing into their bodies with needles filled with chemicals,toxins,viruses, and potent preservatives and fillers. All in the name of "wellness"

-America- the only country where we think it NOT normal if a child isn't given cow milk as "formula" and then the main staple of nutrition in the early years. "For" Calcium The land of the living and free, where if you question the governments propaganda, and brainwashing attempts, you are the one considered "Off".

Oh, but we can make a difference. We can stand and do all we can to raise our families to be healthy and strong. We can eat clean, drink clean, clean..."clean." So why do so many loving Parents, and families not look twice. Accept the poison going into their bodies and minds.

Trust a Government  mandates are best for the well being of their offspring? As a Mom to two young boys, trying to child them from the above toxic brew I mentioned, my heart screams to be able to get my friends attentions. Are they so simple minded that they really won't even look at what they have in front of them? Or are they so indoctrinated by this corrupt society in the United States that they truly thing I have lost MY mind?

Parents say they want the best for their children. Yet actions speak louder then words. Would they consider that their actions show that they want what the government wants for their Children, the modern world full of medicines to cover up the effects of this "toxic brew" called home?

* DID YOU KNOW? More Children under the age of FOUR die of accidental poisonings at home from everyday cleaners then are killed with guns at home? And of chemicals commonly found in homes, 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities. Stories like that of a little 7 month old boy named Adrian Gonzales who died after crawling through a puddle of spilled laundry bleach giving him third degree burns on 50 percent of his body,and burned his lungs from the fumes... happen every day. It took him four agonizing days to die...

Why should Children like a little boy named Peter Schwab have to suffer so much? When he was7 months old he crawled over to the dishwasher to watch his mommy unload it. Suddenly he dipped his finger into the detergent dispensing cup and  and ate a finger full of wet, undissolved Electrasol. Immediately his face blistered and his mouth and tongue were burned white. Luckily quick transportation and treatment to a hospital  and he recovered and was released in 4 days. Not so lucky for children like the little girl who did the same tasting of dish detergent and required 7 operations to open her scarred esophagus.(Many other children have died, due to their throat swelling closed before they could get medical attention)

They shouldn't have to suffer, die, and life altered lives for something as easy as purchasing natural non toxic cleaners.


Cleaning Chemical Free! -Vinegar, Baking soda and Lemon have hundreds of cleaning and disinfecting abilities and cost near nothing! 

Companies that carry natural, non toxic personal care products are springing up everywhere. Cost can be an issue, but there are companies, like the one I shop with for all my soap,laundry and dish cleaners, bath,kitchen,personal hygiene, that are FOR the customer and cheaper then the store brands. This company is by far my highest recommendation for quality,cost, and effectiveness. or is my best friend resource for a non-toxic home.

WATER- that is pure and unflourinated is what we drink! Fluoride has been linked to the mega rise of thyroid disorder's, and is a known neurotoxin. The benefits of stronger teeth is not worth the effects of possible disease and brain damage to this family! We personally use Culligan Water in our home for a non-fluoridated source.

Vaccines- Yes, I know the debate! I encourage all family's to go further then the Doctors opinion and do the research for yourself. Sites like has some great articles and info, and many more are out there !

Natural Remedies- Tried and True, and used for thousands of years, there are hundreds, thousands of natural ways to bring healing and wholeness to your body!  There are dozens of websites and books on holistic and natural living and remedies. One I own and refer to often is Kevin Trudeau's book on Natural remedies, and what they don't want you to know.

Food- I know it can be overwhelming, but once you get un-used to processed and junk foods...aka "sub foods"..meaning for example: they took a potato in its natural state, dehydrated it, salted and fried it, and labeled it a "Chip". The nutrition is gone, and you are left with a salty,crunchy filler that can add fat, water retention and more to your body...  You can get used to whole foods, and they are so satisfying and energizing to the body!  Start by shopping...AROUND the grocery store, staying away from the aisles as much as possible with the exception of getting your whole grains and beans. The "junk" is in the middle/in the aisles of stores always! 

You have CHOICE, and with that comes POWER!  Go for it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Healthy Life... In an Unhealthy WORLD

So, we want to journey down a life long path of health. Healthy life, mind, spirit!   Yet, we live in a unfiltered world, full of pollution, toxins, processed and synthetics. Its in the air we breath, the water we shower with, food we eat. Oh,but there is a way.
Everyday we can make choices. Would this food harm me? What chemicals and additives are in the food..and if they were not in this food, but in a vial in a lab, would I still eat it then? Man made. Blah.  Our ancestors harvested, grew, worked for their food. They ate food that was in season ( whatever they could grow that time of year that would bring nourishment and sustain them) Here, we can eat all foods, even the mass variety of produce... OUT of Season. I recently bought a Watermelon ( in December) since my toddler really wanted one. I cut in to it...and instead of its red, juicy, lush flesh, it was dry, and creamsicle Orange in color, and dull in taste. Thinking... It was engineered to "work" . Grown out of its destined season, and fortified  to be taken at face value.
Anwyays, Back to a Healthy Life in a Unhealthy world....
To keep it short (he he) and simple - I will list a few starter tips to get your started on the Food Chain.
1) At the Grocery Store- Shop the perimeter of the store, Only. Only going to aisles for things like beans, rice, and other grains, oils, etc.
2) Speaking of Oils.  Read up on what Oils are really safe at what temperatures. Canola oil, one of the most popular, is really an industrial oil, not truly meant for Human consumption. Eeek!  Pure, unfiltered, and unrefined oils are best, but be careful to know if they can be heated or not. Coconut oil, Flax oil and extra virgin olive oil are staples in our home. Take 1-2 tsp. of  Flax oil a day- try it on for size! Feel the differece in your skin, and energy in even just a week! Amazing!
3) Water, Water, Water. We are mostly water, so it only makes sense to drink it, and lots of it for Life and health.  Throw away those sugary (and chemical laden Sugar free) sodas and juices. Go easy on the cow milk and coffee. Drink half your body weight in Ounces a day! (For example: If you weight 150, drink at least 75 Ounces a day!) easy!
4) Lean, and mean.   Stick with lean meats, and healthy proteins.  So skip the pork, which doesn't digest well in the human body. And go with Tuna, Salmon, Turkey, and Chicken! Boil few eggs for a great on the go snack. 
5) Awwwe The Raw. We know God created everything perfect. And most perfect to eat is raw, green, leafy veggies. Babygreens, Romaine, Spinish, Brussel Sprouts, .... Even if you have "hated" these foods in the past, it could be in the manner it was prepared. Add some flax oil and balsalmic vinegar, or a little cheese and, you may surprise yourself!  Raw fruits and veggies are key to getting more fiber and extra nutrients in everyday.
Well, here are 5 things to put into action!

Blog "Title"


I got it! Finally a name that fits me, or a title that fits me for my "Blog" =) Yay! I got the idea from my best friend... and my mind as been racing thinking of all the topics and articles I could write on, that just plain excite me!
I know someone who has the blog name "Skinnymom" She has worked so hard to get her pre-baby shape back, and I think feels accomplished, as she should. My concern for so many out there, is the journey to "skinny" or, even more important to me, the journey to the True you. The healthy and wholesome you. Its not about food or excersise alone. It is about choices and decisions to become healthy, naturally, using all God has given us. Not the man made versions. The organic, pure, and unrefined that somehow does still exsist in this world! Skinny is a look, an image, the outside. Health is a tangable thing, that extends from the inside out, and then back in again. Heath makes lives fuller, last longer, and creats a legacy around and about you. So, Cheers to HEALTH! The journey is getting there.
Feeling WHOLE starts with a wholesome life. Spiritually, Physically. Emotionally. You can't be whole, with peices of this puzzle out of alignment or missing. What garbadge do we put in our minds, our hearts? What do garbage (words) come out of our mouths? What garbage goes is? (Long Pause)
I know, its overwhelming sometimes to confront the WHOLE issues, or becoming WHOLE. God is our Potter, we are his clay, and he is here to help us see that he has made a way for us to live rich, wholesome, and fulfilling lives. Oh, I am so thankful for this ... If only we would take it and live it!
So this new BLOG name, or title. "HealthMom" is who I am. I am a natual girl, who dives in deep to research on the good ole stuff from this earth. I am a anti vaccine, pro life, conservative, little bit strange girl that lives in a small town called "Naches" and I hope others get a peek of interest brewing by some of the Health, and HOT topics I will post on this Blog of mine! Challenge yourself in your life. Don't take anything for face value. Don't trust someone you don't know with decisions on your life and how it should be live. Prove why you should do, eat, breath, whatever it is you are... LEARN about your life, and those around you. Knowledge is power, and wisdom comes with it.
Super excited to have an outlet for these busy hands to type away, late at night when the babies are warm in their beds, and my mind gets to drift into ..... well, wherever it Drifts! =)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whats IN it?

"The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used" -- Dr. James A. Shannon, National Institutes of Health

Well, I start this Mission. This Blog, with an important Mission of mine. Vaccine awareness!
Frankly, I am so sick of these comments by fellow, yet uneducated parents.

"I belive in Vaccinations"
"I ask my doctor what he thinks are the good ones, and we do those"
"I researched it and am pro-vaccination"
"I am not worried about getting sick... I got the flu vaccine"

My, Oh, My. Liar, Liar, pants on fire! 

It is NOT my mission, to make others feel bad or like they don't know anything. But the fact of the matter is, they DON'T! If they did, I would see them and hear them calling,crying, yearning for more of the truth they have discovered through their time and effort to find out "why" they would vaccinate.  Sadly, if someone I know finds out that I do no vaccinate...I get the above comments ( and worse) back.

This isn't an Austim debate. Though my gut hurts thinking about how real and how many children (1 in every 110 children) are affected.  This is mortality debate. Vaccines... proven to not work, though we are scammed and trained to believe they do, are killing and destroying the precious ones we love the most.

Our children.  And ... we, Parents, are authorizing by CHOICE the right of doctors and nurses to inject ( 36 times mind you in the first few years) our innocent loved ones... They aren't injecting just a needle and a little owie.They are injecting animal cells, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and viruses into our bodies, then call it "prevention".

Vaccination is built around a "belief system." We believe vaccines are safe; we believe vaccines are important to health; we believe the stories that vaccines are solely responsible for the elimination of smallpox and polio. And we really want to believe that our doctors have read all the available information on vaccines pro and con and are telling us the complete truth about vaccines. (Dr.Tenpenny DO)

My mission, my challange for you Mom or Dad, Grandparent or Aunt...friend, or whomever... Reach out, and pull back the curtain...there is much waiting for you!

Here are a couple places to start: