Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog "Title"


I got it! Finally a name that fits me, or a title that fits me for my "Blog" =) Yay! I got the idea from my best friend... and my mind as been racing thinking of all the topics and articles I could write on, that just plain excite me!
I know someone who has the blog name "Skinnymom" She has worked so hard to get her pre-baby shape back, and I think feels accomplished, as she should. My concern for so many out there, is the journey to "skinny" or, even more important to me, the journey to the True you. The healthy and wholesome you. Its not about food or excersise alone. It is about choices and decisions to become healthy, naturally, using all God has given us. Not the man made versions. The organic, pure, and unrefined that somehow does still exsist in this world! Skinny is a look, an image, the outside. Health is a tangable thing, that extends from the inside out, and then back in again. Heath makes lives fuller, last longer, and creats a legacy around and about you. So, Cheers to HEALTH! The journey is getting there.
Feeling WHOLE starts with a wholesome life. Spiritually, Physically. Emotionally. You can't be whole, with peices of this puzzle out of alignment or missing. What garbadge do we put in our minds, our hearts? What do garbage (words) come out of our mouths? What garbage goes is? (Long Pause)
I know, its overwhelming sometimes to confront the WHOLE issues, or becoming WHOLE. God is our Potter, we are his clay, and he is here to help us see that he has made a way for us to live rich, wholesome, and fulfilling lives. Oh, I am so thankful for this ... If only we would take it and live it!
So this new BLOG name, or title. "HealthMom" is who I am. I am a natual girl, who dives in deep to research on the good ole stuff from this earth. I am a anti vaccine, pro life, conservative, little bit strange girl that lives in a small town called "Naches" and I hope others get a peek of interest brewing by some of the Health, and HOT topics I will post on this Blog of mine! Challenge yourself in your life. Don't take anything for face value. Don't trust someone you don't know with decisions on your life and how it should be live. Prove why you should do, eat, breath, whatever it is you are... LEARN about your life, and those around you. Knowledge is power, and wisdom comes with it.
Super excited to have an outlet for these busy hands to type away, late at night when the babies are warm in their beds, and my mind gets to drift into ..... well, wherever it Drifts! =)

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