Thursday, January 27, 2011

Healthy Life... In an Unhealthy WORLD

So, we want to journey down a life long path of health. Healthy life, mind, spirit!   Yet, we live in a unfiltered world, full of pollution, toxins, processed and synthetics. Its in the air we breath, the water we shower with, food we eat. Oh,but there is a way.
Everyday we can make choices. Would this food harm me? What chemicals and additives are in the food..and if they were not in this food, but in a vial in a lab, would I still eat it then? Man made. Blah.  Our ancestors harvested, grew, worked for their food. They ate food that was in season ( whatever they could grow that time of year that would bring nourishment and sustain them) Here, we can eat all foods, even the mass variety of produce... OUT of Season. I recently bought a Watermelon ( in December) since my toddler really wanted one. I cut in to it...and instead of its red, juicy, lush flesh, it was dry, and creamsicle Orange in color, and dull in taste. Thinking... It was engineered to "work" . Grown out of its destined season, and fortified  to be taken at face value.
Anwyays, Back to a Healthy Life in a Unhealthy world....
To keep it short (he he) and simple - I will list a few starter tips to get your started on the Food Chain.
1) At the Grocery Store- Shop the perimeter of the store, Only. Only going to aisles for things like beans, rice, and other grains, oils, etc.
2) Speaking of Oils.  Read up on what Oils are really safe at what temperatures. Canola oil, one of the most popular, is really an industrial oil, not truly meant for Human consumption. Eeek!  Pure, unfiltered, and unrefined oils are best, but be careful to know if they can be heated or not. Coconut oil, Flax oil and extra virgin olive oil are staples in our home. Take 1-2 tsp. of  Flax oil a day- try it on for size! Feel the differece in your skin, and energy in even just a week! Amazing!
3) Water, Water, Water. We are mostly water, so it only makes sense to drink it, and lots of it for Life and health.  Throw away those sugary (and chemical laden Sugar free) sodas and juices. Go easy on the cow milk and coffee. Drink half your body weight in Ounces a day! (For example: If you weight 150, drink at least 75 Ounces a day!) easy!
4) Lean, and mean.   Stick with lean meats, and healthy proteins.  So skip the pork, which doesn't digest well in the human body. And go with Tuna, Salmon, Turkey, and Chicken! Boil few eggs for a great on the go snack. 
5) Awwwe The Raw. We know God created everything perfect. And most perfect to eat is raw, green, leafy veggies. Babygreens, Romaine, Spinish, Brussel Sprouts, .... Even if you have "hated" these foods in the past, it could be in the manner it was prepared. Add some flax oil and balsalmic vinegar, or a little cheese and, you may surprise yourself!  Raw fruits and veggies are key to getting more fiber and extra nutrients in everyday.
Well, here are 5 things to put into action!

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