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Non-Toxic Cleaning Products!

Simple Changes For a healthier Home, and a Healthier YOU
As Moms we want the best for our children. We would never willfully harm them, or worse poison them.  The old saying "What you don't know won't hurt you" and "Ignorance is Bliss" is just not the case when it comes to our homes and families.
What we don't know, can harm us.

Ignorance can be fatal.

Before I knew much about TOXINS I always assumed that if a product was out in the market, that it MUST be SAFE.  Luckily I have learned without the painful experiences that most come to learn, that nothing could be further from the truth.

92% of all poison exposures occur IN THE HOME, involving everyday household products such as medicines,cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and personal care items.

EVERY 13 SECONDS: a family calls a poison control center re: an exposure to poison at home!
And it isn't just swallowing a toxic product. The products we put on our skin and hair create possible toxic exposures though skin absorbtion.  (Think: Soaps, Creams, Lotions, cosmetics, shampoo, deoderants)
Think about it: The workers in the labs or workplaces that create and work with commen everyday household cleaners and products we use, are required to wear safty goggles, gloves, and sometimes even a respirator when they use or come into contact with the products!  But we use the same products with no protection, ventilation, and around our innocent little ones.
THE Consumer Product Safety Connission has reported that 150 commen household chemicals have been linked to allergies,asthma, birth defeccts, cancer and psychological abnormalities.
DID YOU KNOW? We tend to think of outside air pollution of being toxic, but according to the EPA most homes have airborne concentrations of hazardous chemicals that are two to five times higher indoors then ourdoors.
The REASON they are so high? One reason is because cleaning products, personal care products, etc release toxic chemicals in to the air when used. Some even when being stored. ( Take a wiff when you walk down the cleaning aisle, or even just think about it from previous trips... it smelled like the cleaners, correct?) The packages are all tightly sealed/closed, but you still smell them...

IN the Winter with windows shut and in the summer with the a/c air, these toxic fumes have no where to go except to build up to higher and higher levels.  Household cleaning products are amoung the most toxic substances we encounter daily.

DID YOU KNOW? ( over a 15 year period/study) researchers determined that women who worked at home had a 54% higher death rate from cancer then those who had jobs away from the home.  The study concluded that the increased death rate was due to daily exposure to hazardous chemicals found in ordinary household products.
WAY BACK in 1989 a house committee asked the National Inst. of Occupational Safty and Health to analyze 2,983 chemicals used in personal care products.
884 were found to be toxic.  778 of these can cause acute toxcity, 146 can cause tumors, 218 can cause reproductive health complications, 314 can cause biological mutation, and 374 can cause skin and eye irritations.
The same products we think should be promoting hygiene, health and beauty are making us sick.  Poisonings can happen slowly, in fact most do, over a period of time, by gradual skin absorbtion and daily exposure to toxics we breath in the air. Dr.understand that toxins build up in our bodies over time, and studies like one done in 2003 by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine found an average of 91 industrial compounds in teh bodies of volunteers. Of the 167 chemicals found, 76 cause cancer in humans or animals, 94 are toxic to teh brain and nervous system, and 79 cause birth defects or abnornal development.
Are you Surprised?  Education is always a FIRST STEP, which just happend a bit though you reading this tiny little except.
THE NEXT STEP is to eliminate TOXICS from your home, and daily lives. Of course cleaning and personal care products are not the only souce of toxic chemicals in your home, they are amoun the most toxic and deadly.
START: Get ride of household bleach, all purpose cleaner, laundry detergent , dish detergant, and YES, those Clorox Wipes! Replace them! There are many products out there on the market that are non-toxic, and even organic. And to be honest, if you find the right ones, they will work better as well, and often, esp when making your own (Like Laundry detergent!) MUST LESS EXPENSIVE!
So you can SAVE YOUR HEALTH and YOUR CHECKBOOK BALANCE. and ENJOY your wellness~!

I personally use "Melaleuca" cleaners, detergents, make up, shampoo, deodorant, etc. This company has always been a wellness company, focused on non-toxic and organic products before people even knew that toxins were out there. You shop online monthly if you become a member of their company store, which gives you discounts, concentrated products. Think: 8 bottles of Tub and Tile cleaner that works amazing for $5.69  and most importantly, they smell great, work great and are safe enough to NOT have to have a child proof lock or cap. They are a company that believes in wholeness, going "Green", and saving and helping lives, and I LOVE shopping there!!!:

I also use vinegar, lime,baking soda,  and tea tree oil like they are all going out of style. All have natural antibacterial effects, and all clean well!

I have friends that use "Method" Brand of cleaners and "7th Generaion" or other Organic products. I personally don't want to spend all the extra money when I can get non-toxic, safe, great products for the same or less then the normal brands. We should be rewarded to live healthier , produce less waste for the enviroment, not punished with paying double or mroe the price, right!!?
With that, I still gotta LOVE Burts Bees, and have always been a Burts bee girl, esp when they have a sale, or coupons. Gotta splurge sometimes, right!

Ill get into makeup and personal care more later, but for now, I hope you will consider making the switch to safe, non toxic cleaning products and laundry and dish detergants! Your body, skin, and brain with thank you!
TIP! HOUSE PLANTS Can help absorb toxins!!! Click on the link below to see which ones!
15 Houseplants for improving indoor air quality!

Check out this short documentary calle TOXIC BREW !
that is part one ( above) and below is part two:
Even Oprah has done a show on this subject! She talks about Shaklee products, similar to Melaleuca, non-toxic, natural products.  A little more spendy, and I haven't tried them, but have heard they are AMAZING products as well!

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